PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress - Part 4

Exploring the Clinical Mood Disorders


(The entire Matrix of Clinician Distress series is available in article and podcast format - see footnote for more explanation on how to find.)1

This is Part 4 of a 7 part series exploring the matrix of clinician distress. Here, we cover the two primary mood syndromes that, when they meet certain symptom criteria, i.e. enough of the symptom array, and exist for a certain duration and adversely impact your personal or work life, are considered “disorders.” Once they reach this level, then professional help is advisable.

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When you click at the very top of the page on the Physician Interrupted title, it’ll take you to Physician Interrupted’s table of contents page which lists all the articles and podcasts published. You can sort them in a variety of ways. As some of the articles were longish, I broke up the corresponding podcasts into more manageable parts, e.g. 6A, 6B etc.

The articles’ titles aren’t exactly descriptive - I’ve put the topic covered in the subtitle which, space permitting, may or may not show up in the TOC.

The podcasts are all identifiable as they have a headphones icon. The content of the podcasts is mostly the same as the article. While I read aloud the content of the corresponding article, occasionally I improv’d a bit. Nothing substantial. Some people prefer the written word; others enjoy a podcast; still others like having both. Some have some cover art; some don’t. I’m still getting the hang of this. I’ll likely go back and prettify things some time hence.