Physician Interrupted Podcast

Just like the newsletter of the same name - we focus on the contemporary challenges facing physicians, physicians-in-training, and med students. We reflect on the oft-asked question "what was I THINKING when I went into this?"

US Justice Dept Puts Indiana Nursing Board on a Monitoring ProgramListen now (39 min) | Board and Its Professional Assistance Program ("ISNAP") Told to Comply With Federal Law Within 7 Days ... Or Else
PI Podcast – Each Healthcare Clinician's Burnout Is UniqueListen now (15 min) | Generic Approaches May Not Only Be Unhelpful, They Could Be Counter-productive
PI Podcast – Is It Okay For Clinicians To Feel Anger At Newly Ill Anti-VaxxersListen now (32 min) | Reflections on Schadenfreude, Gloating, and Comeuppance
PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress Part 7 ConclusionListen now (40 min) | Matrix Recap and Key Take-Aways
PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress Part 6B The Bullying Culture of MedicineListen now (29 min) | The prevailing culture of medicine has been rooted in a bullying mindset. The bullying mindset seems to operate under the belief…
PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress Part 6A - Discrimination & Sexual HarassmentListen now (51 min) | Though Part 6 was written as a single article, we thought it best for the podcast to break it up into 2 different segments. This…
PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress - Part 5 Medico-Legal-Regulatory StressListen now (24 min) | Stress from malpractice litigation and stress from medical regulatory entities are each overwhelmingly powerful.
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