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PI Podcast – Is It Okay For Clinicians To Feel Anger At Newly Ill Anti-Vaxxers

Reflections on Schadenfreude, Gloating, and Comeuppance

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Critically relevant topics, real life stories and practical survival advice from physicians in the trenches negotiating the challenges of contemporary physicianhood. We focus on the burning issues facing physicians today and the challenges that they face in their careers as clinicians and healers.
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Welcome to the Physician Interrupted Podcast. 1

In this piece, Kernan reflects on an OpEd posted on Medscape by medical ethicist Art Caplan exploring clinician anger while treating anti-vax patients.

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Presently, the podcast is Kernan’s reading aloud the article of the same title, with occasional impromptu comments. Soon, it may incorporate additional content with my hosting conversations with interesting people in healthcare on the range of topics relevant to our PI listenership - Burnout; The Culture of Medicine; Wellbeing in Healthcare; Creative Replenishment; and The Future of the Profession et al.