A blog and podcast directed toward physicians, residents & fellows, and med students

as well as their families, and friends, and patients,

and all who are concerned about the wellbeing of those who made the decision to commit themselves to a career in medicine.

It focuses on a unique diversity of related themes that are central to physicians’ lives, such as:

  • Finding fulfillment and life balance and being able to pursue some version of a life that enables one’s own wellness and wellbeing;

  • Dealing with getting burned out and searching for ways to prevent it or climb out of it;

  • Hitting the wall with an overload of psychological trauma and moral injury;

  • Finding a way to live one’s own life and navigate its demands while tied to a profession that makes limitless demands and is 100 % focused on taking care of others;

  • Grappling with powerful authorities like state medical boards, state physician health programs (PHPs), hospital peer review and departmental performance appraisal entities that may wrongfully have them in their grip and are threatening their clinical licenses and very livelihoods;

  • Wondering whether they chose the right profession and, if not, now what?

  • Feeling like the once-respected culture of medicine has turned into a dismally embittered society of indentured servants who are just going through the motions of patient care;

  • Hoping that there’s some joy in all of this, a sense of fulfillment that will sustain you over the long haul of a challenging lifestyle,

  • A yearning that there’s a way to renew the core values of healthcare and the medical profession that formerly bound us together as a bright, caring, mutually respectful group who shared the same fundamental values.

Physician Interrupted also offers membership in a private community in which physicians, residents & fellows (“PGYs”), and even med students can converse privately with each other on matters of shared importance, e.g. navigating a toxic work environment; getting needed and skillful mental health care; dealing with litigation stress; coping with nasty and demanding patients, amongst many others. Membership is extended via a screening questionnaire (See: [coming soon]).

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