Nov 1, 2021 • 29M

PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress Part 6B The Bullying Culture of Medicine

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Critically relevant topics, real life stories and practical survival advice from physicians in the trenches negotiating the challenges of contemporary physicianhood. We focus on the burning issues facing physicians today and the challenges that they face in their careers as clinicians and healers.
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The prevailing culture of medicine has been rooted in a bullying mindset. The bullying mindset seems to operate under the belief that only the tough can survive, so bullying is an accepted tactic to reach that end.

In this episode, Part 6B, we explore some of the elements of that bullying culture. And we call attention to the multiple components of the clinician distress matrix which, in any combination, add significant burden to a clinician’s achievement of wellbeing, independently of any consideration of burnout.

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