An Overview of the Psychological Phenomena Adversely Impacting Physician Wellbeing
PI Podcast – Is It Okay For Clinicians To Feel Anger At Newly Ill Anti-VaxxersListen now (31 min) | Reflections on Schadenfreude, Gloating, and Comeuppance
The Morality Of Clinicians’ Sentiment Of Comeuppance: Reflecting on Professor Arthur Caplan’s “Stop Gloating Over COVID Deaths Among Anti-Vaxxers”
Recap, Key Takeaways, and Some Recommendations (Including "Rethink Burnout, ASAP!")
PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress Part 7 ConclusionListen now (40 min) | Matrix Recap and Key Take-Aways
PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress Part 6B The Bullying Culture of MedicineListen now (28 min) | The prevailing culture of medicine has been rooted in a bullying mindset. The bullying mindset seems to operate under the belief…
PI Podcast - Matrix of Clinician Distress Part 6A - Discrimination & Sexual HarassmentListen now (50 min) | Though Part 6 was written as a single article, we thought it best for the podcast to break it up into 2 different segments. This…
Three prominent but seldom explored dimensions of clinicians' matrix of distress.
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